Making Business Decisions II

PLY is a large consulting company that specializes in systems analysis and design. The company has over 2,000 employees and first-quarter revenues reached $15 million. The company prides itself on maintaining an 85 percent success rate for all project implementations. The primary reason attributed to the unusually high project success rate is the company’s ability to define accurate, complete, and high-quality business requirements.

You are interested in implementing a new payroll system. The current payroll process is manual and takes three employees two days each month to complete. You have chosen to outsource the entire procurement, customization, and installation of the new payroll system to PLY. The first thing you need to do is define the initial business requirements so PLY can begin work.


  • Review the testimony of three cafe employees who have detailed the current payroll process along with their wish list for the new system (MaryJaneKittredge.doc, JoanTahoe.doc, TedWhitaker.doc).
  • Review the Characteristics of Good Business Requirements document (BusinessRequirements. doc) that highlights several techniques you can use to develop solid business requirements.
  • After careful analysis, create a report detailing the business requirements for the new system.  Be sure to list any assumptions, issues, or questions in your document.

Files: MaryJaneKittredge.doc, JoanTahoe.doc, TedWhitaker.doc, BusinessRequirements.doc


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