Making Business Decisions I

The Broadway Cafe offers its customers everything from live music and art displays, to charity events and coffee tasting. The following are a few of the events offered at the cafe:

  • Music Center - Informationto all live music events occurring in the area. The store also hosts an open microphone two nights a week for local musicians
  • Art Gallery - A space in the store filled with great pieces from local artists
  • Book Clubs - Customers can meet to discuss current and classic literature
  • Coffee Sampler - Customers can sample coffees from around the world with the experts
  • Community Events - Weekly meetings are held where customers can find ways to become more involved in their community
  • Brewing Courses - Offer the finer details of the brewing, grinding, and blending equipment for sale in The Broadway Cafe - from the traditional press to a digital espresso machine. Also includes a trouble-shooting guide developed by brewing specialists


You would like to build a collaboration tool for all of your customers and events.

  • What type of collaboration tool would you build?
  • How could you use the tool to facilitate planning, product development, product testing, feedback, etc.
  • What additional benefits could a customer collaboration tool provide that could help you run your business?

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