Making Business Decisions I

The Broadway Cafe needs to take advantage of e-business strategies if it wants to remain competitive. Create a document that discusses the many e-business strategies that The Broadway Cafe could use to increase revenue. Be sure to focus on the different areas of business such as marketing, finance, accounting, sales, customer service, and human resources.


  • Explain how understanding e-business can help you achieve success in each of these areas. A few questions you might want to address include:
    • What type of e-business would you deploy at The Broadway Cafe?
    • How can an e-business strategy help The Broadway Cafe attract customers and increase sales?
    • What types of metrics would you want to track on your e-business Web site?
    • How could you use an e-business strategy to partner with suppliers?
    • How could a portal help your employees?
    • Would you use Kiosks in the cafe?

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