Making Business Decisions II

You are working on a plan to offer an in-store music service allowing customers to sip on a mocha latte while using headphones to listen to any of 250,000 songs located on portable kiosks in the cafe.  Customers can order songs they like for a set price and you will burn them on a CD and deliver the custom-burned CD to their table. The promotion is called The Broadway Cafe Music To Go package.  You believe that selling music can greatly increase the cafe’s revenue. Prices will be comparable to Apple's iTunes service: $6.99 for five songs, the minimum purchase. Albums will cost $12.95. To appeal to a younger set, you will eventually offer wireless downloads to laptops or portable players. At the very least, being able to listen or buy music at the cafe could enhance your core business and keep customers coming back. The time it takes a customer to order a latte, they could have any CD burned on demand.


  • Develop two new products using network, telecommunication, or wireless tools to create new revenue streams for the cafe, such as burning CDs for your customers.

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