Business Dilemma

It may not be common knowledge, but spam and viruses are originated by the same people. 90 percent of the viruses in the past year have been designed to leave behind a small SMTP engine that is used to hijack an unsuspecting consumer PC and send out spam.

Many of your employees use your computer for cafe activities such as running payroll, ordering supplies, and checking e-mail. This morning you find out that your computer has been sending out large amounts of spam. A spammer created a virus that has infected your computer and is sending spam that fools spam filters because it is coming from a legitimate e-mail account – the cafe’s e-mail.


  • You decide to research antispam software, antivirus software, and anything else you can find to help protect your PC.
  • In your search you find the following quote:

    “Whether you employ one part-time worker or 100,000 full-time professionals, any time you allow employees access to your e-mail system, you put your assets, future, and reputation at risk.

    – Nancy Flynn, Executive Director The ePolicy Institute”

  • Do you agree or disagree with this quote?

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