A brief explaination about what the site is about, as well as some of the pedigogical elements you will find.

THE BROADWAY CAFE – Students can work on this cohesion case during the semester to help them tie all of the IT concepts together.  The premise is that the students inherit their grandfather’s coffee shop that started in 1952 and still operates like it is 1952.  The students need to bring the cafe into the 21st century.  We choose a coffee shop because it is instantaneously identifiable for students.  We feel the case will give the students a true business approach to IT and allow them to work hands-on with many of the intangible concepts we teach in the text (like SCM, ERP, and Wireless Networks).  It will also help them tie all of the IT concepts together to see how they work to help a business operate (even a coffee shop which is not an IT business).  The flexibility of the case allows you to cover any number of topics, in any order, at any time during the semester.

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