Apply Your Knowledge

Besides serving gourmet coffee, sandwiches and desserts, the cafe also provides entertainment in the form of local bands, Internet connections, and floor-to-ceiling books on every wall. You have decided that a database would be helpful in providing an inventory of current books as well as assisting in the acquisition of new books. Although customers rarely buy books, they do disappear or fall apart from use. You need a way to keep track of what books the cafe has.


Some of the data has been captured in an Excel spreadsheet, BI_AYK.xls. The spreadsheet is not normalized; you will need to do that before you start to create the database. Specifically, you need to:

  • Create a ERD of the data provided in the BI_AYK.xls file.
  • Create a Microsoft Access database.
  • Create the tables, fields, data types, and primary key(s) for the database using the structure provided in the BI_AYK.xls file.
  • Populate the database with the data provided in the BI_AYK.xls file.
  • Create the relationship(s) needed between the tables.

File: BI_AYK.xls

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