Making Business Decisions I

It’s not data, it’s competitive intelligence.  Information is competitive intelligence that drives strategic business decisions.  Decisions that are made by global organization with the power to change the world.

Information – business intelligence – is no longer the exclusive domain of IT or research departments. From marketing and finance to management and operations, intelligence is applied strategically throughout the enterprise. And professionals who know how to gather and leverage it are the ones who will lead organizations, control decisions, and be relied upon to steer their companies.


You have a great deal of data available to turn into information to help you set the strategic direction for the cafe.

  • Look at the following dimensions and determine which ones you want in your data mart for performing sales and market analysis. 
  • Categorize the different dimensions ranking them from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating that the dimension offers the highest value and must be in your data mart and 5 indicating that the dimension offers the lowest value and does not need to be in your data mart.
  • Which variables would you choose if your data mart could only contain 10 dimensions?

Dimension Value

Dimension Value

Product Price


Customer Gender

To Go or Dine In Order

Quantity Sold

Stock Market Closing Price

Order Date

Employee Number

Payment Method

Promotion Number

Product Cost

Customer Age

Order Time

Customer Religious Affiliation

Exchange Rate

Manufacturer or Vendor Number

Interest Rate

Music Playing in Store


Customer Name

Customer’s Political Affiliation

Product Number

Store Hours

Customer Language

Commission Policy

Traffic Report


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