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At The Broadway Cafe customers receive more than just a great cup of coffee - they receive exposure to music, art, literature, and town events. The cafe’s calendar for programs gives their customers a quick view into their corner of the world - from live music and art displays, to volunteering or a coffee tasting. The cafe offers the following:

  • Music Center - Information to all live music events occurring in the area. The store also hosts an open microphone two nights a week for local musicians.
  • Art Gallery - A space in the store filled with great pieces from local artists.
  • Book Clubs - Customers can meet to discuss current and classic literature.
  • Coffee Sampler - Customers can sample coffees from around the world with the experts.
  • Community Events - Weekly meetings are held where customers can find ways to become more involved in their community.
  • Brewing Courses - Offer the finer details of the brewing, grinding, and blending equipment for sale in the cafe - from the traditional press to a digital espresso machine. Also includes a trouble-shooting guide developed by brewing specialists.

The Broadway Cafe sales are great and profits are soaring however, current operations need a complete overhaul. Your grandfather built the business piece-by-piece over the last few decades. The following offers a quick look at current operations.

  • The cafe does not receive any information on how many of its customers attend live music events. Musicians typically maintain a fan e-mail listing and CD sales records for the event, however this information is not always provided to the store.
  • Book club events are booked and run through the local book store - Pages Up. Pages Up runs a tab during the book club and provides the cafe with a check at the end of each month for all book club events. The cafe has no access to book club customer information or sales information.
  • Artist gallery is run by several local artists who pay the cafe a small commission on each sale. The cafe has no input into the art contained in the store or information on customers who purchase art.
  • Coffee sampler events are run through the cafe’s primary operations.
  • Community event information is open to all members of the community. Each event is run by a separate organization, which provides monthly event feedback to the cafe in a variety of formats from hand written notes, to Word, to Access files.
  • Brewing and machine resource courses are run by the equipment manufacturer and all customer and sales information is provided to the cafe in a Word document at the end of each year.


You want to revamp the way the cafe operates so you can take advantage of marketing and sales opportunities across its many different lines of business. For example, offering customers who attend book club events discounts on art and brewing and machine resource courses. You also want to gain a better understanding of how the different events impact sales. For example, should you have more open microphone nights or more book clubs? Currently, you have no way to tell which events result in higher sales.

  • Create an ERP strategy to help gain visibility across the cafe.


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