Apply Your Knowledge

You have a wide variety of employees at The Broadway Cafe. Some of the employees have been working at the cafe since before you were born and some are brand new. Some of the employees you trust as well as you trusted your grandfather, and others are new to the cafe and you are just starting to build a working relationship.

Last week you were faced with a difficult situation and had to fire one of your employees.This particular employee had a bad attitude, continually showed up late for work, and was caught stealing money out of the cash register.When the employee cleaned out his locker you noticed him stuff a thumb drive into his pocket. You were suddenly concerned with other items he might have stolen while working at the cafe.


  • What can you do to protect your data while still building a sense of trust among your employees?
  • Develop a document discussing the importance of creating information management policies.
  • Be sure to highlight each policy that The Broadway Cafe should implement and how the policy can protect the company, its employees, and its data.

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