Making Business Decisions I

The local community has always been a big part of the cafe and your grandfather knew almost everyone in the district. He attended all events held at the cafe to talk with friends, meet new customers, and solicit feedback.

Data is important to your business. In fact, it is one of your best assets. For the past few years you have decided to start tracking detailed customer information for all cafe events from coupon fundraising events to book clubs to concerts. Since you took over the business you have been collecting more and more event data to help you run marketing campaigns across events and optimize the event schedules.


One day, a sophisticated business man walks into the cafe and asks to speak to the owner. He introduces himself as Brawner Smith and says that he would like to talk to you in private. Brawner has just opened a local record store down the street and would like to purchase your customer lists from music events.

  • Brawner is offering you a rather large sum of money for the e-mail addresses and phone numbers for all of the customers who have attended concerts at the cafe over the past five years.
  • What do you do?

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