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These days wireless networking products are so ubiquitous and inexpensive that anyone can easily build a wireless network with less than $100 worth of equipment. However, wireless networks are exactly that – wireless - they do not stop at walls. In fact, wireless networks often carry signals more than 300 feet from the wireless router. Living in an apartment, dorm, condominium, or house means that you might have dozens of neighbors who can access your wireless network.

It is one thing to let a neighbor borrow a lawn mower, but it is another thing to allow a neighbor to access your wireless network. There are several good reasons for not sharing a wireless network including:

  • Slows down Internet performance
  • Allows others to view files on your computers and spread dangerous software such as viruses
  • Allows other to monitor the Web sites you visit, read your e-mail and instant messages as they travel across the network, and copy your usernames and passwords
  • Allows others to send spam or perform illegal activities with your Internet connection


You are implementing a wireless network throughout the cafe so customers can connect and work while enjoying their latte. 

  • Create a document detailing all of the features you can use to secure the cafe’s wireless network.  Be sure to include a discussion on the ethical issues involved with customers using your wireless network.

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