Business Dilemma

Business requirements are the detailed set of business requests that any new system must meet in order to be successful. A sample business requirement might state “The system must track all customer sales by product, region, and sales representative.” This requirement states what the system must do from the business perspective, giving no details or information on how the system is going to meet this requirement.


You have decided to implement a new payroll system for the Cafe.  Review the following business requirements and highlight any potential issues.

  • All employees must have a unique employee ID.
  • The system must track employee hours worked based on employee’s last name.
  • Employees must be scheduled to work a minimum of eight hours per day.
  • Employee payroll is calculated by multiplying the employee’s hours worked by $7.25.
  • Managers must be scheduled to work morning shifts.
  • Employees cannot be scheduled to work more than eight hours per day.
  • Servers cannot be scheduled to work morning, afternoon, or evening shifts.
  • The system must allow managers to change and delete employees from the system.

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