Making Business Decisions II

The Yankee Group reports that 66 percent of companies determine Web site success solely by measuring the amount of traffic. Unfortunately, large amounts of Web site traffic do not necessarily indicate large sales. Many Web sites with lots of traffic have minimal sales. The best way to measure a Web site’s success is to measure such things as the revenue generated by Web traffic, the number of new customers acquired by Web traffic, any reductions in customer service calls resulting from Web traffic.


As you deploy your e-business strategy you want to build a Web site that creates stickiness and a sense of community for The Broadway Cafe’s customers. Continually measuring Web site metrics is critical for determining the success of the Web site.

  • You have received three Excel files detailing Web site metrics for local restaurants.
  • You want to analyze these files to determine which metrics will provide you with the greatest knowledge of your Web site’s success.
  • After you have finished analyzing the spreadsheet, create a document detailing the Web site metrics you find most valuable and want to track along with any supporting data.

Files: ebusiness_MBD_1.xls, ebusiness_MBD_2.xls, ebusiness_MBD_3.xls

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